Afro style Human hair toupee
author: Carl [ 2014-12-26 11:16:00 ]
Afro style is a regular hair wave & curl for men's toupee. The size of afro style is between 0.2cm-0.6cm. This style toupee is the favorite style by African people and African American.  In my personal opinion, the afro style is very fashion and nice looking. But also ,there is some notice or knowledge about the afro toupee:

1. Afro toupee can be made on many types of base construction, such as French lace, Swiss lace, fine mono, fine welded mono, thin skin... 

2. The fine and soft Indian hair is not suitable for making the afro toupee. The reason  is the afro toupee needed a more durable hair type so that it can be made to the small curl afro style.  Then the Chinese remy hair, Mogolian remy hair and Malaysian remy hair is applicable to the afro toupee. These hair types are durable enough for the afro curl.

3. Usually, we usually choose the more longer hair length hair materail to make the afro toupee. For example, if customers would like the 6 inches or 8 inches finished hair length afro toupee, then we need to choose the 10-12 inches hair materail because when we finish the afro style, the hair length of afro style toupee is much shorter than the original hair. You can image that the afro style is very curl, so it will look very shorter than original. Please see the picture of afro toupee as below: