Our Density Defination of hair toupee
author: Carl [ 2014-12-26 11:45:21 ]
Most of the customers like to use percentage to describe the hair density, such as 100% density, 110% density, 130% denstiy, etc. But there is a problem: Different toupee/ wigs manufacturer and supplier have different understanding on the same % percentage of density, different customers also have different understanding on the same % percentage.  For example,  customers would like 100% density, our 100% density is about light medium density, but customer's 100% density may mean more than light medium density. If if we do not have a uniform density standard, there will be a misunderstanding on the density, even we may make a wrong density hair toupee and the customers will be not satisfied with this toupee. 
So when we want customers to confirm the density of the hair toupee, we will send the below 2 pictures to our customers:

From the first picture, you will find which percentage correspond to  which word verbal description; the second picture will show how much hair volume for the every density. These two pictures are very useful and helpful to customers to choose the correct density.