How to care the toupee
author: Carl [ 2015-01-21 16:15:27 ]
Sometimes, many customers will be a little confusion on how to care or how to deal with the toupee. And a varity of customers do not know if the toupee can be brushed or washed. In fact, take it easy, do not need to be afraid of your hair toupee. We Teno Hair would like to share some hair care skill with customers as below:

1. Before wash the hair, gently and softly brush the hair.

2. Immerse the hair into the warm water, not too hot, not too cold, and then inject a little professional Shampoo products together with the toupee.

3. Gently rub and wash your hair toupee with Shampoo

4. Soak the toupee within some minutes in clear water.

5. Use running water swash it softly, do not remain any Shampoo on the hair toupee.

6. Dry the hair

7. Air-care the hair

Look, it is not difficult to care and wash your hair toupee.