Hair length of men's or women's hair replacement
author: Carl [ 2015-01-22 15:55:56 ]
Hair length is a very important element of hair replacements. It directly determines the price of the hair system. Usually, the finished hair length of men's toupee/hair replacement is 5-6", the women's toupee/hair replacement is 10-26". 

To measure the hair length, actually, it is easy. The correct measure method is measure it from the hair rooting to the hair end:

Sometimes, clients demand us to cut the hair length to very short hair length such as 3",4".  To be honest, it is not what we are good at doing. Our regular method is make the finished hair length in 6"-7", and customers can cut it by themselves or get to their native hair salon/studio to cut and style the hair. And we'd like to cooperate the hair salon/studio customer. If we provide the hair replacement and they provide the hair cutting service, that will be a good cooperation.

About the women's hair replacement, the hair length more longer, the price more higher. And please note that the number of hair length is even number not the odd number. So if you would like a 15 inches hair length, most of the hair replacement factory will make it in 16 inches.

26“-28” usually is the longest hair length of the hair replacement. Some customers would like 30 inches or more, that is a little difficult to find such long hair length hair materail.