Payment Method for Hair Products (2) - Bank Transfer
author: Carl [ 2015-01-27 16:24:38 ]
Last article we introduced the West Union and Money Gram Payment. Bank Transfer is another regular payment method on hair products field.   This is a reputable payment. Before customers pay the amount by Bank Transfer, we should inform customers our Beneficiary Bank name, Swift Code (Usually 8 letters plus 3 numbers), Beneficiary Bank Address, Account No, Account Name, Post Code. Sometimes, it still needs the INTERMEDIARY BANK information but it is not indispensable. 

After customers make the payment, they can send sellers the Bank Receipt. Actually, the money may not get to the seller's account but the Bank Receipt is a forceful certify. So when we receive the Bank receipt, we will start producing the toupees/wigs or sending customers the stock toupees/wigs. The actual time of the money arrival is about 3- 7 days since the customers made the payment.

The Bank Transfer is suitable for large amount for the hair replacement order. This payment is not simple, need to take some time. If the hair replacement order is very small, we do not recommend customers to choose this payment method.