Payment Method for Hair Products (3) - PayPal
author: Carl [ 2015-01-27 16:55:09 ]
PayPal is a quickly developed payment method.  It is very speedy, many wig clients'  prior payment.  Lots of clients are used to pay something by Credit Card. PayPal is just a appropriate payment for paying by credit card.  Clients can opt to two method to pay wig order by PayPal:

1. We inform clients our PayPal email account. It just needs clients to login in the PayPal  official website and to pay the definite amount directly to our PayPal account.

2.  Clients tell us their PayPal email account, and we will send the PayPal money request and invoice to the Clients‘ email account, clients only need to pay this invoice.

Both of the above 2 methods are very simple and fast. When we get the payment, we will produce the wig order immediately.

Please kindly to note that there is 5% PayPal charge when paying the order by PayPal. So PayPal is suitable for small amount wig order.  If paying large amount by PayPal, the charge will be high. It is not worthwhile.