French lace toupee and Swiss lace toupee
author: Carl [ 2015-01-27 17:28:22 ]
French lace and Swiss lace are all popular lace base. However, more clients would prefer to Swiss lace. They feel it is very fine, very thin and quite natural. We Teno can make the high quality Swiss lace toupee/ closures for clients. But in general, we do not suggest clients to use the Swiss lace as the base material for the toupee.  

Swiss lace is fine, thin and natural, but the durability of it is terrible. It is easy to be damaged. It only can last one month. If you will take good care of it, maybe it will last more times but it is still short-lived. 

French lace is natural enough as Swiss lace. The only difference from Swiss lace is the hole size of French lace is bigger than Swiss lace. But about the durability, the French lace is much better than Swiss
lace. Both French lace and Swiss lace can be bleached knots on front or on whole base. 

So in the same situation, we usually recommend the more durable French lace to clients.