author: Carl [ 2015-02-12 16:07:30 ]
Ponytails are usual hair products. Many customers want to order them. Someone thought it looks like wig. But it is really not wig but only hair pieces or hair closures. Most of them are made by synthetic hair. It is small size so the price of it is very cheap. 500 pieces is the MOQ (minimum order quantities) of it, but usually, customers will order more than 1000 pieces.

Please refer to the below photos of Ponytails :

The above pictures are held by clips.  The clips look like tiger's teeth. So it may be called "tiger's mouth clips" by some hair products factories.

The above photos are called drawstring ponytails or band ponytails. They are held by bond. You can find the bands clearly from the photos

These above photos are clumps ponytail. They can be made to many different colors. It really looks like lumps.

These 3 types are usual types of ponytails. Customers often order these 3 types. But it is not limited these. Customers can also send the pictures of the ponytails for us to copy. It is no problem for our Teno Hair to make it.