Wig stands and how to ship it
author: Carl [ 2015-02-12 18:00:39 ]
Wig stands are usual wig accessories.  The use of the wig stands is  fixing the wigs on the stand.  Foreign wig companies often purchase the wig with wig stands attached. 
At present, wig stands are usually made by plastic, metal wig stands are few in market. The price of plastic wig stands is cheap and light.  The pictures of them :

We have white, black, pink and blue colors wig stands.

The plastic wig stands are light, however, they are irregular shape the size of them is large. Express companies will charge the shipping cost according to size not the weight. If you order hundreds or thousands of wig stands, Then sometimes the shipping cost as per size is very high by Express and air transportation. At that time, we will recommend the customers to choose the sea transportation. Sea transportation is slower than air and Express but it is much cheaper than air and Express. Please note that it needs customs clearance for sea transportation. And it only accept the Bank Transfer (T/T) payment.