Different color rings for human hair toupee wigs
author: Carl [ 2015-02-27 17:30:00 ]
When we make the toupees or wigs for customers, the hair color is what we must know.  There are many hair colors for human hair. And there are also many kinds of color rings in the world. The New Image color ring is the most famous color ring in wig/toupee industries:

Many wig manufacturers, suppliers and customers have their own color ring. It is no problem. We can make the hair color all as per customer's color ring. However, we suggest that the customers send us the color sample or color ring to our shipping address. Then we can make the correct hair color. We do not recommend customers to send the color ring or color sample by email because it will appear color differences when we see the color on computer monitors.
Also please note that the women's color ring is completely different from the men's color ring. There is no some odd numbers(Such as 3#,5#...) on women's color ring.