Hair direction of customized toupee
author: Carl [ 2015-02-28 17:22:14 ]
A suitable hair direction is quite important to toupee wearers. Most customers know their own hair direction.

Free style is the most common hair direction for men's toupee.  As the name implies, free style means the hair can be combed to any hair direction.  It is not limited for some direction, so it is the most popular hair direction by customers.  By the way, there is a special hair direction, it is called brush back. It is one type of free style, the hair of it is vented forward and the direction of it is brushed back. Some customers also call it forward venting or forward pomp.
Center crown, left crown and right crown, the hair direction is departed from the crown. The center crown is near to the free style but there is a definite crown on it. Sometimes, customers many demand center crown free style type hair direction. The left crown and right crown is the styled from the crown to left or right.
Center part, left part and right part, the hair is departed from the part for these 3 types of hair direction. There is a clear part for these 3 types. The hair of left part and right part is styled from part to left or right.
1/2 left part and 1/2 right part, there is an invisible part for these 2 types.
The above hair directions are the usually used hair direction for customized toupee.